Meet the MacPhersons - Diversionary Activities

Listen to the scenario below



Does Jamie go out late again putting his team’s chances at risk and disappointing his family?

Or will he train the night before with his sports coach and go for glory?

  • 63% of children who never drink alcohol take part in a hobby at least once a week
  • Involvement with a hobby, sports team or club tends to be associated with young people NOT taking part in risky drinking
  • When asked, young people report they drink because they have nothing else to do
  • The Rock Challenge performing arts initiative which runs in Highland gathers evidence that children drink less and attend school more when they participate in postive activities.
  • Family activities provide opportunities for young people to build strong relationships and gain self confidence
  • Creating social opportunites for young people encourages them to make healthier choices and can dissuade them from drinking.
  • For more information on activites for families and young people visit High Life Highland


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