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Stimulant Overdose Awareness

This stimulant overdose awareness e-learning course aims to:

1) Enhance knowledge of stimulants and their effects.

2) Raise awareness of situations and behaviours that increase the risk of overdose.

3) Outline current advice to reduce harm.

4) Clarify the main signs of overdose and options for respondingThis course should take 15-30 minutes to complete.

Stimulent Overdose Awareness 

NPS e-Learning Modules

In partnership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Project NEPTUNE has developed training modules for front-line clinicians and other practitioners. The e-learning modules have been developed based on the principles used by the college and include multi-media and interactive elements and are open access (free of charge).

Neptune Clinical Guidance

Scottish Drugs Forum e-Learning Modules

Overdose Prevention, Intervention and Naloxone

This short e-learning course covers the key aspects of drug-related deaths in Scotland, opiate overdose prevention, intervention and naloxone basics.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Summarise drug-related deaths in Scotland
Identify an overdose
Explain how to prevent an overdose
Describe naloxone and its use



Meet the Macphersons

Meet the Macphersons


MFR Website

Meet the MacPhersons is a local media campaign that takes a family approach to tackling underage drinking. It is based on insight gathered from over 200 young people and 20 parents on the types of dilemmas families with teenagers are often faced with in relation to alcohol.

Meet the MacPhersons raises awareness of the influence that parental modelling, peer pressure and taking part in organised activities can have on a young person's decision to either drink or not drink. The adverse effects that underage drinking can have on the performance and health of young people and the detrimental impact on their life when parents drink too much, are also highlighted.

The campaign encourages families to consider the benefits of making positive choices that are less pro-alcohol. It provides lots of useful resources on ways to prevent and discuss alcohol use with teenagers and where to get help in the local area, if need be.


Highland Substance Misuse Toolkit

Information and resources for Young People, Parents & carers and Teachers on substance misuse.

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