Highland Alcohol and Drugs Partnership

Highland Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (HADP) is the multi-agency strategic partnership whose purpose is to achieve improved outcomes for individuals, families and communities by preventing and reducing drug and alcohol related harm in Highland.  As a multi-agency partnership, HADP is responsible for setting the overarching alcohol and drugs strategy and action plan for Highland.

The current membership includes Highland Council, NHS Highland, Police Scotland, Third Sector, Crown Office, Scottish Prison Service, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and local drug and alcohol forums. There are a number of key stakeholders beyond the strategic group that are crucial to addressing the issues we have with alcohol and drugs in Highland.

HADP are responsible for developing, implementing and reviewing the local alcohol and drugs strategy informed by local needs assessment.  This includes planning and decision making on where monies should be allocated.

Our Aims

The HADP Strategy is to ensure the following local outcomes for the population of Highland:

  • Communities are fairer, healthier and better informed with reduced levels of substance use and associated harm
  • Children, young people and families are successful, well-protected and have improved life chances
  • Individuals supported by families and communities have improved health, wellbeing and life chances by recovering from problematic drug and alcohol use
  • Communities have reduced availability of drugs and alcohol and are safe from associated offending and anti-social behaviour

HADP Support Team

The HADP Support Team have a role to support, advise, facilitate and provide guidance on alcohol and drug issues in Highland. They co-ordinate information on best practice, link to national work and policy and provide the support to report on performance locally i.e. how are we meeting the outcomes that have been agreed.  Anyone who has a query about alcohol and /or drug issues can contact us through the website www.highland-adp.org.uk

The Highland ADP is supported by a dedicated team consisting of a Co-ordinator,  a Research & Intelligence Specialist, a Development Manager and an Administrator.


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