Meet the MacPhersons - Katie's Peer Pressure

Listen to the scenario below


So what should Katie do next?

Does she bow to pressure and join in with the rest of the teenagers and have a drink?  

Many young people feel pressured to drink to be the same as their peers.

However, many young people report excessive drinking to appear the same as everyone else, but in fact do not drink as much as they say.

Helping young people to develop the skills and confidence to say “no” when they want to can help with this.

Or does she choose to enjoy her last day with her family feeling great?

Alcohol is a depressant so impacts on functioning almost as soon as it is consumed, and for some time afterwards.

Alcohol can affect mood. Even small amounts can amplify emotions. That’s why drinking alcohol when feeling worried or down can make people feel even worse.

On average it takes a healthy liver approximately one hour to process one unit of alcohol. There can still be alcohol circulating in the body the morning after and be a potential risk for drink driving.


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