Many communities around the Highlands have concerns about drug and alcohol issues in their area. Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership (HADP) is committed to working closely with these communities to find local solutions to local problems. There are 8 local Drug & Alcohol Forums in Highland and they form a vital part of HADP's structure and work.

The Forums provide a vital network for professionals as well as other members of the community who are dealing with the impact of drink and drugs in their area. They have a crucial role in helping communities become more aware of the issues and more confident to deal with them. Forums receive funding from HADP to carry out small-scale projects for a variety of activities such as awareness-raising events, participation in school parents' nights and developing local services directories.  Membership varies from Forum to Forum but mostly representation from Councils, Voluntary Sector, Police and community members. Some forums have members from Schools Pupils' Councils.

If you would like to get involved in your local Forum or need details of all local drug and alcohol services just click on your area on the map or get in touch via the website.


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