a process through which an individual is enabled to move on from their problem drug (including alcohol) use towards becoming an active and contributing member of society

(Scottish Government, 2008)

Protecting Communities

The impact of drug and alcohol misuse goes beyond an individual to their family, colleagues, and to whole communities through breakdown of relationships, crime, fear, decreased productivity, and loss of employment. Let’s work together to make communities safer.

Maximising Health

Working with the Highland population to understand the impact of alcohol and drugs on our health, and to encourage each of us to look at our relationship with alcohol and drugs, and aim for a healthy balance.

Children and families

Children are frequently affected by their parents’ or carers’ substance misuse. From a missed swimming lesson because a parent is unable to drive "the morning after" to extreme neglect or abuse, there is a whole range of effects.

Children and families need support in these situations.

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