Who are we?

Lochaber Drug & Alcohol Forum provides an important network for those dealing with substance misuse in the Lochaber area. The Forum has representation from a variety of agencies, including Health, Education, Social work, Police, Housing, Streetwork Project, Voluntary Action Lochaber, Lochaber Council on Alcohol, Community Wardens, Elected Members and community members.

What do we do?

The Forum has a varied Action Plan which involves many aspects of tackling substance misuse. Activities include raising awareness about issues through newspaper and radio work, developing materials such as services directory and Snapfax (information cards for young people).

The Forum is a vital network for bringing together agencies with an interest in substance misuse. It is recently worked with an outside consultant to identify gaps and needs in the provision of alcohol services in the area. The Forum's Drug Training Team carries out awareness sessions with a variety of agencies and community groups. For details contact the Chair. The Forum runs a Small Grants Scheme to give low-level financial assistance to local organisations, such as youth clubs, who may deal with substance misuse issues. For details contact the Chair.

Contact the Chair if you would like to attend.

How to contact us?

Chair: Chief Inspector Derek Paterson

  or visit the website for further information.

Other Useful Local Contacts

  • Youth Action Service
    Tel: 01479 812975
  • Community Mental Health Team (Substance Misuse)
    Tel: 01397 707060
  • Alcohol Counselling Lochaber
    Tel: 01397 702340
  • Needle Exchanges:
    • CPN Service
      Tel: 01397 707060
    • A & E dept, Belford Hospital
      Tel: 01397 702481
    • Medical Practice, Kinlochleven
      Tel: 01855 831225



Get Ready for Work is a college course run by the Employability Division at Lochaber College. The course is for young people from 15-18yrs who have left school and are not in education, employment or training, called the NEET group. During the course we work on employability skills from personal presentation skills, CV, interview skills to working effectively as part of a group, making decisions, personal responsibility and so on. There is usually a work placement element to the course. The young people come from a variety of backgrounds, some very chaotic, some very stable supportive backgrounds.

As part of the course, the young people were asked to write about an experience, or their thoughts on drugs and/or alcohol. They have given their permission for the excerpts below to be put on the website.  Click here to view excerpts.  

Names have been changed to protect identities.

Meet the Macphersons

Meet the Macphersons


MFR Website

Meet the MacPhersons is a local media campaign that takes a family approach to tackling underage drinking. It is based on insight gathered from over 200 young people and 20 parents on the types of dilemmas families with teenagers are often faced with in relation to alcohol.

Meet the MacPhersons raises awareness of the influence that parental modelling, peer pressure and taking part in organised activities can have on a young person's decision to either drink or not drink. The adverse effects that underage drinking can have on the performance and health of young people and the detrimental impact on their life when parents drink too much, are also highlighted.

The campaign encourages families to consider the benefits of making positive choices that are less pro-alcohol. It provides lots of useful resources on ways to prevent and discuss alcohol use with teenagers and where to get help in the local area, if need be.


Highland Substance Misuse Toolkit

Information and resources for Young People, Parents & carers and Teachers on substance misuse.

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